Date started
July 2023

Job Role
Product & Pricing Graduate – Alfa Romeo & DS Automobiles

Why did you apply to Stellantis?

I applied to the Stellantis Graduate Scheme following a rewarding 12-month placement at Vauxhall, where I received substantial support and gained invaluable experience. I also anticipate that Stellantis’ position in the automotive sector will provide opportunities for stimulating career advancement.

What do you enjoy the most about your programme?

I derive the utmost satisfaction from the numerous opportunities afforded by my programme, including visits to Silverstone, participation in National Alfa Day and engagement in other brand specific events. These experiences have significantly enhanced my understanding of what it means to be associated with such iconic brands.

What are the Perks of working for Stellantis?

One of the primary advantages of being employed by Stellantis lies in the inclusive corporate culture it cultivates. Within this environment, I have consistently felt a sense of belonging and have been encouraged to engage in projects without reservation. Stellantis’ strong endorsement of diverse approaches to problem-solving greatly contributes to my overall job satisfaction.

What advice would you give to others looking to join an early careers programme at Stellantis?

For individuals contemplating joining an early careers programme at Stellantis, I recommend staying authentic and fostering a spirit of enquiry. The HR team are available to extend support. Above all, embrace the experience, while it may be daunting at times, view it as an opportunity for self-assessment, as much as an evaluation of job suitability by Stellantis representatives.

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